Wallingford's Iconic Mural Seattle WA

Seattle’s new mural bound to become a favorite of young and old alike. Located on the new Smith & Burns apartment homes, in the rejuvenated Wallingford district, a precocious young child discovers a new friend sharing her space on a rainy day. It seems the renown west coast artist, known only as Bumblebee, has created this masterpiece to evoke feelings from all that wander through her neighborhood. There are no political undertones in this art. Purity, innocence, and discovery are perfectly captured in his work. We don’t know her name, but we know her. She is our little sister, our daughter, she is us. Like a Norman Rockwell painting, she reminds us of our past and brings a nostalgic smile to our face… and she is uniquely Seattle as she sets away her umbrella to make a new friend.

Seattle developer, Mack Urban, has earned a national reputation for adaptive re-use and the artwork they commissioned for this project is perfect for Wallingford, a trendy area just north of Lake Union that is re-building itself, not into something new, but into what it once was, a quaint neighborhood dotted with local merchants. Smith & Burns is the ideal canvas for this bigger-than-life masterpiece that is splashed with primary colors that brighten the spirits, even on a cold and rainy gray day. A mix of retail on the street level and residential above, Smith & Burns is a pending LEED certification building that strives to reduce the environmental impact of a new structure. Many of the materials used in the construction were reclaimed from earlier buildings on the site.

The philosophy behind creating this community is “Thoughtful Living”, a concept that encompasses every aspect of bringing these new homes to life, from the individual living spaces to cutting-edge social spaces. Some of these social spaces include a studio art lounge, rooftop deck equipped with a fire pit and barbecues, a community library and a fitness center. It also features secured parking for both your car and your bicycle. Thoughtful Living goes beyond the amenities though. It includes the things you need, the things that make you better, and hopefully fosters new connections and friendships while adding to the energy and character of this new destination neighborhood.

The next time you visit Wallingford, the small town in the middle of the big city, stroll the streets, poke around our shops and be sure to pay a visit to our newest neighbor. See what fond memories her innocent curiosity stirs up in you.

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