7 Last Minute Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Wallingford WA

The holidays are here, and it’s time to celebrate friendships and good will. It’s time to engage with your friends and neighbors and join in the spirit of the holidays. Decorating your home is certainly fun and sends a warm holiday message to all. If you were caught by surprise we’re here to help. Here are seven fun and useful tips to spruce up your apartment.

1) Christmas Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, then it’s important to get your centerpiece, the Christmas tree! They look and smell great, and they come in all sizes, there’s nothing quite as reminiscent of the holidays as coming home to see your decorated tree and taking in the wonderful smell of Christmas! Put on a warm coat, grab a friend and pick one out together. Some of  the local  places offering Christmas trees are:


If you don’t have room for a tree, you can always take evergreen branches, place them in vases, and arrange them on a table or a window sill as your “Christmas tree representative.” These branches can sit by themselves, or they can be decorated with mini ornaments and even lights.

2) Lights

christmas-light-wallingford-seattle-waLights can warm your heart and brighten even the darkest day and say, “I’m all in.” String lights are a must this time of year, for the inside and outside of your place. Today’s LED lights don’t use much energy, and the options are endless. You’ve got the traditional multi-colored, white twinkling, icicles, or maybe the hot chili peppers are more your style. For you creative right-brain thinkers try mixing the lights with some ping pong balls.  If you have a balcony in your apartment, wrapping lights around the railing is a fun approach to show your neighbors your holiday spirit.

For a large selection in Wallingford, check out Tweedy And Popp True Value Hardware. They’ve been in the neighborhood for decades, and they carry holidays lights and much more. For the creative, zany, and maybe a little weird you’ve got to visit Archie Mcphee’s, another local Wallingford landmark.

3) Decorative Holiday Pillows

Decorative-Holiday-Pillows-wallingford-seattle-waDecorative holiday pillows are an easy way to spice up any room in your home. You can find these festive pillows at a variety of department store this time of year, and they can be investments to use during this time in future years. These can be placed on your bed or on furniture to give your home some holiday glamor.

If you don’t want to buy new pillows, transform your current ones into presents! Take white pillowcases and wrap them around your pillows as if you were wrapping it into a gift. Take a 2” wide, red ribbon and tie up the wrapped pillows so they look like presents. Top off the gift with a small sprig of holly berries or an evergreen branch in the knot of the bow for an extra decorative touch.

4) Festive Ribbon Decorations

Festive-Ribbon-Decorations-ballard-waHead down to local Paper Delights in Wallingford, and pick up some wide ribbon. The first thing you can do is tie it around dining room chairs, making bows in the back and transforming ordinate seats into festive dining room ornaments.  If you have any railings, pillars, table legs or lamp posts, wrap them with white paper or fabric.  Wrap the red ribbon around the legs to give them a festive candy cane look.

5) Holiday Scented Candles

Holiday-Scented-Candles-wallingford-waYour apartment may look the part for the season, but will it have that holiday smell? Cranberry, cloves, and other wintery spices can tune in all of your senses to a holiday mood. Candles make great decorations on counter tops, side tables and other empty surfaces in need of some cheer, not to mention they can give your place those aromatically appropriate scents. Check out Wish, a Wallingford boutique shop, where you’re sure to find wonderfully scented candles and other accessories. A must see this time of year is the historic Wallingford Center and all their local boutique shops. It’s an event in itself, and maybe you’ll even bump into Santa there!

6) Hanging Holiday Cards

Hanging-Holiday-Cards-wallingford-waHanging some holiday cards on your wall create a festive spirit. Check out Wallingford’s Paper Delights or Archie Mcphee’s. You can buy holders for your cards or get creative and use wide holiday ribbon and paper clips. Be sure to use hot glue to attach the ribbon to the top edge of the door to avoid damage.

7) Holiday Wreaths

Holiday-Wreaths-wallingford-waA hanging wreath on the outside of your door is always a fun and welcoming way to greet your guests. You can use an adhesive hook to keep you door unmarked and pristine for later. You can find wreaths at your local QFC and most tree lots.

These fun, decorative, apartment tips for the holidays will be sure to get you in the mood for the season.

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