6 Salvaged Items That Smith & Burns Used for the New Apartments Wallingford WA

In 1925, The Seattle Times described Wallingford as “one of the most active and important component parts of the city of Seattle”. As we planned our new Smith & Burns apartment homes, we wanted to pay proper respect to this historic neighborhood. Preserving the past ties us all to those that have come before. We believe by re-using and accentuating building materials we are keeping some of the spirit and legacies of the past. In addition, we strove to create high-performance “green” homes that promote healthy living and responsible use of energy. Local artists rummaged for artifacts from the area for re-use in our shared common areas. You can feel the history. Come on by and experience it yourself.  

1. Historic Brick

Our lobby wall has certainly seen the past. Intact bricks were preserved from the previous building on this site and used to create this welcoming centerpiece. Oh, if these walls could talk  

2. Cedar Wood Planks

The floor under your feet and many of the wood-paneled walls were reclaimed from original siding that housed some of the early residents of this culturally important area.  Cherish the beautiful textured stair treads under your feet, they may be older than your great-grandparents!

3.  Window Frames

We did our best to salvage as much of the old structures as we could. Local artists were able to reclaim old bygone window frames from area homes and repurpose them into artwork that adds historic character to our social spaces.

4.  Typewriter

During the teardown process, we happened to find a cool, old, blue typewriter in one of the house’s basement. We thought it represented a time-gone-by and was a perfect representation of Wallingford’s past. To us, it was appropriate to decorate our community library with this relic, adding some tone and life to the room.

 5.  Carpet Tiles

As you reach the hallway leading to your new home, do you feel a comforting sense of nostalgia? You should. The patchwork quilted floors were reclaimed from leftover yarn mills and given new life by expertly patching them together to give each hallway its own unique personality.

 6) Old Growth Trees

When you see an old tree what comes to mind? Maybe for some it was a shady place to stop and rest. For others it may have been a canvas to memorialize your fond feelings for that special someone.  When one of our famous Seattle windstorms took down two trees during construction we asked Seattle’s own Meyers & Wells to work their magic. Now these graceful old native trees have a new life as elegant furniture-art that brings a Northwest character to the social spaces of Smith & Burns.      

Smith & Burns is a masterfully crafted mix of the nostalgia, history, and art. Yet, at the same time, satisfies your eco-conscience with energy efficient homes that are pursuing the gold standard in LEED certification. Find out more what this can mean to you and your wallet.

Stop by and experience Smith & Burns.  

We are taking applications now, and if you move quickly you can get a FREE MONTH’S RENT, when you move in between January 2 and January 15, 2016.

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