Pursuing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification means we care about the environment, and we care about you. From the building materials we use to the appliances in your homes, we try to make conservation easy. Inside out and top to bottom, sustainability drives us. And speaking of driving, we have installed five EV charging stations for those that drive electric or are considering this.

Just pull-in and plug-in. It’s that easy. Located inside our secured garage, these stations supply 32 Amps of available power, which means faster charging for you… and the 25-foot cables makes accessing your car’s charging port a snap.

Driving “electric” is becoming more mainstream, and together we are getting closer to our goal of true zero-emission driving. New technology seems to be changing every day, and we all should be considerate of others as we accept these changes.

Following are 4 rules of etiquette for EV charging at Seattle’s new Smith & Burns apartment homes.

  1. Don’t park in charging spot if you don’t have an electric car or hybrid vehicle.
  2. Don’t charge if you don’t need a charge.
  3. An owner of a pure electric car does NOT have the right to unplug a hybrid just because that car has a back-up gas engine.
  4. Practice safe charging. The means properly managing the cord. Neatly wind the cord on its holder, and tuck it in so people will not trip on any excess length, or drive over it.

If you’re interested in a Studio, 1 bedroom, or 2 bedroom apartment in Wallingford (Seattle) that has EV Charging Stations and is environmentally friendly, look no further than Smith & Burns!

Happy Motoring!

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