Guys: How to Clean Your Apartment In Under 30m Wallingford Seattle WA

If you are like most guys, your home is a place to escape from the pressures of daily life. It does not judge; it welcomes you with open arms. As the door shuts you can drop your “game face” and maybe your briefcase, purse and jacket too. It’s “you time”. Maybe some comfort food with a beer or a glass of wine is in order. You’ve just settled in, and the phone rings… you’re going to have a visitor in 30 minutes! Here are a few last-minute cleaning tips to make your new Smith & BurnsStudio, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment presentable.

Planning ahead will make the following a possibility, and it doesn’t require much, if any, forethought. Forget about trying to be the next Martha Stewart. That’s probably not going to happen. Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and ammonia all have cleaning properties, but each of these have a downside too. Let’s keep it simple. Get an old plastic spray bottle or new one if you can’t find “old”. They’re available at your local Tweedy & Popp Ace Hardware. Fill it with two cups tap water and two tablespoons dishwashing liquid and keep it handy. Soap and water will be your new “go to solution”. Go figure.


Kitchen (12 minutes)

This is a must. It is the social center of your world. The cleanliness here, or lack thereof, says a lot about who you are. It is the make or break situation, so act fast.

  1. Fill the sink with hot water and soap.
  2. You’ve got a dishwasher, so use it. While the sink is filling throw anything that is not stuck down in there, you can turn it on later.
  3. Everything not in the dishwasher goes into the sink for a bath and a good soak.
  4. Whatever’s left is probably trash or unopened mail. Bag the mail and deposit the trash.
  5. Wipe down the countertops with your “go to solution”. A little elbow grease may be required here. Anything short of a putty knife will do.

Bedroom (8 minutes)

You can quickly and easily make a good decent impression here.

6) Pull up the sheet and blankets (in that order) and quickly pat them down, getting out most of the wrinkles. Pillows go at the head of the bed.

7) Clean clothes go in the closet, dirty clothes and tweeners into the hamper. If one isn’t available, gather them all into a neat pile in the least conspicuous corner of the room.

Bathroom (4 minutes)

Ok. No time to clean the toilets now if you haven’t kept up on it.

8) Put the lid down and call it good.

9) Everything on the counter into the drawer.

10) Wipe down counter with you-know-what; your “go to solution”.

11) Drape the most recent towel over the shower door or curtain rod. Everything else into

     the bedroom corner pile (see item 7 above).

Note: If time allows at the end you can always go back and pour some baking soda & white vinegar in the toilet bowl for scrubbing later.

Entryway (1 minute)

You are running out of time at this point, but first impressions are lasting, so give it a try.

12) Pick up everything on the ground in one swoop and quickly take to one of the predetermined sites in the bedroom (see item 7 above).

Livingroom (2 minutes)

Quickly now. Time has run out.

13) Any clothes under the bed. Computers, papers, gaming consoles are ok. Nobody expects perfection.

Bonus Time for Yourself (3 minutes)

Last, but not least, give yourself a once over.

14) Brush teeth, throw some water on your face and put on a clean shirt. If you can’t quickly locate anything of the “clean” variety, pull something out of the “tweener” pile.

Footnote – If the above won’t work, have your friend meet you up on the rooftop deck. It’s one of the benefits of living in Wallingford’s newest luxury apartments. It is the perfect place to take in Seattle’s breathtaking vistas, fire up the barbecue or to simply relax and snuggle up around the open-air rooftop fireplace.

If you haven’t yet found your perfect Seattle apartment, check out Smith & Burns. The new amenity-packed apartment homes in Wallingford, WA. They’re taking applications now.

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