10 Creative Apartment Decor Ideas Wallingford WA

Sometimes you just need a change, a new look to pick up your spirits. It’s easy if you want to give yourself a makeover. Simply grab your checkbook or credit card and head on down to your favorite department store. However, giving your apartment a fresh look isn’t as easy. Most rental agreements have restrictions on allowable changes. Most likely you can’t repaint the place, not even an accent wall. Window coverings may also be a taboo. Even drilling holes may not be allowed. So what’s a renter to do? If you are living in a new Smith & Burns one bedroom or two bedroom luxury apartment, you probably haven’t considered an apartment facelift yet, but when you do we have a few ideas for you to consider. With a little creativity, there are plenty of ways that you can personalize your home and still get your security deposit back when the time comes.

1) Removable Wallpaper

That’s right wallpaper. It requires no glue or paste, just peel and stick. It is easy to install and can be just as easy to remove. And the best part is it leaves no messy residue behind. Check out Murals Your Way. You can even custom order to fit exactly the space you have in mind.

2) Command Strips

No need for drilling holes or even using push pins. Change a boring wall into an artistic masterpiece. Hang family pictures, paintings, works of art or even your latest craft. These come in all sizes and hold strongly and remove easily. . Get all the creative details on these damage free hooks.

3) Get Rid of the Clutter

Look around. Most of us have too much “stuff”, including furniture. Create new space in by getting rid of the old. Drop off the unnecessary items at the Salvation Army or the consignment down the street from you called The Kids on 45th.

4) Choose your lighting wisely

The right lighting can transform the mood of your scheme at very little cost. Why not buy a fresh shade for your lamp? Try replacing mismatched table lamps, with stylish matching ones. Place one on either side of your sofa or bed, and see how the room suddenly has a cohesive style.


5) Update your pillows

Can’t afford a new couch? There are dozens of affordable, fabulous cushions that are one of a kind and will zip up your space instantaneously. Find bargain designs to suit your style at IKEA or one of the cool little boutique shops in your own Wallingford Center.

6) Add Light with Mirrors

Mirrors can be a cost-friendly alternative to works of art. Use them to add light, space and shimmer to your walls or mix and match different styles to bring elegance and personality to even the smallest of spaces. A larger mirror will make even a small space feel larger.

7) Add Some Throw Rugs

A rug may be considered an accessory, but it can be the foundation of a gorgeous space.

8) Make Your Own Wall Art

Artwork can be expensive. Unleash your creative side. This could be a fun weekend project for the Smith & Burns Studio Lounge. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend while you’re at it.

9) Check out the Garage Sales

Those weekend garage sales are everywhere, and they are usually VERY buyer-friendly. Somebody’s unwanted stuff can turn into your treasures, and they can be cheap, sometimes pennies on the dollar.

10) Craigslist It

You can find almost anything on Craigslist. However, let the buyer be aware. Hone your negotiating skills, sellers on Craigslist may be trying to avoid a garage sale or donating their stuff. Know your top dollar and don’t waver.

There are more creative ideas to redecorate your new luxury Smith & Burns studio, one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. Check out Decorating on a Budget: 20 Tips from the Pros” for more great ideas. These new luxury apartments are located in the trendy Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. They are packed with amenities, offer secured parking for both your car and your bicycle and are close to both University of Washington and the Amazon Campus.

They are taking applications now. Claim yours today and make sure to ask about their “move-in special.”

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