Have you ever yearned for a slower pace to life? A place where you know the names of the people you see on the street, a place where shopkeepers greet you with a smile and a handshake, a place where you can shed your corporate pretenses and just be yourself? If so, you belong in Wallingford, WA, the small town in the middle of the big city.

Just minutes from Seattle’s booming high-tech center, the Wallingford neighborhood is tucked away between energetic Green Lake and historic Lake Union Park and has the small town feel you may be looking for. If all of this sounds appealing, you may find interest in Wallingford’s newest destination apartment homes, Smith & Burns.

These apartment homes were designed to blend with this historic neighborhood and are loaded with amenities, including:

  • A 5,000 square-foot outdoor terrace on the ground floor.
  • A roof top deck that is adorned with low-maintenance plants and trellises where you can grow hops if you want to brew your own beer.
  • A rooftop deck to sit around the community fire pit and enjoy Seattle’s amazing vistas
  • 5,796 square feet of retail space
  • 157 parking spaces
  • 150 bike storage spots.

And if you love the arts, this is the place for you. The west wall features Umbrella Girl”, a mural by renowned West Coast artist, Bumblebee. However, watch your step when you come for a visit. At the corner of North 45th Street and Interlake Avenue North is a three-foot bronze walrus sculpture by local artist Scott Fife.

walrus sculpture wallingford wa

This large flippered friend seems to emerge from the sidewalk with his calm demeanor and social curiosity to welcome you home.

And for the art lover, there’s more. The theme of neighborhood history runs throughout the building. A wall in the lobby showcases salvaged brick from old houses on the site, and cedar planks from a barn are used as paneling throughout the ground floor. Scrap mill yarns have been turned into carpet for corridors between apartments. Local photographer Brent Smith used vintage window frames from old houses on the site to display photographs of neighborhood landmarks.

And if that is not enough, we’ve listed three Seattle bucket list “must-dos” that will stimulate, excite and educate. But don’t wait on these. The window of opportunity is limited.

Art Painting Wallingford WA

1. New Mural at KEXP

When: Now

Where: 1st Ave N & Republican St to The Seattle Center, 305 Harrison Street

If you missed watching the creation of the “Umbrella Girl” mural on Smith & Burns upscale apartment homes, you owe it to yourself to wander down to Republican Street and watch the artistic process. Seattle RAW artist, Aramis Hamer, is in the middle of creating a vibrant mural, which will take viewers from KEXP’s library to the entrance of Seattle Center

Hamer’s mural will celebrate Seattle’s diverse communities and reflect the history and evolution of the music industry.  It will include acrylic paint and objects, from LPs and cassettes to CDs. The mural will engage the imagination as a fitting tribute the KEXP’s new offices and studio. According to Hamer, “Music is definitely one of my main inspirations. Songs are like stories, and while listening to the lyrics, an image forms in my mind inspiring the next piece.”

On Saturday, March 19 from 2-5 p.m., you can meet the artist as she hosts a community information and engagement session at The Vera Project, 305 Harrison Street on the Seattle Center campus. Aramis invites anyone interested to bring their retired music CDs, LPs, and cassette tapes (1 – 2 items per person)—which will become sculptural elements in the mural.

2) Imagined Futures: Science Fiction, Art, and Artifacts

Science Fiction, Art, and Artifacts Seattle WA

When: April 7, 2016 thru July 10, 2016

Where: PIVOT ART + CULTURE, 609 Westlake Ave N., Seattle, WA 98109

Vulcan Inc. announced a new exhibition, curated by Ben Heywood, of nearly 60 objects related to science fiction and the history of space exploration – Imagined Futures: Science Fiction, Art, and Artifacts from the Paul G. Allen Family Collection – will be on view at its 3,000 square foot flexible concept space, Pivot Art + Culture beginning.

3) Recycled Art Show

Recycled Art Show

When:  April 9th from 6-9 pm thru May 11, 2016

Where: Blowing Sands Glass Gallery, 5805 14th Ave N., Seattle, WA

If you live at Smith & Burns you probably already appreciate the creative reuse of historic items. Take your eco-conscience and your love of history down to The Recycled Arts Show, a part of the Ballard Art Walk and a showcase for the creative repurposing of material in a variety of visual art disciplines. All work is at least 90% recycled media. Admission is free.

We hope you get a chance to enjoy these artful suggestions. And, if trying to add a little sanity and a slower lifestyle sounds intriguing, check out Smith & Burns, the new addition to Wallingford, WA. We are taking applications now. Claim yours today and start enjoying the lifestyle you deserve.

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