Top 5 Coffee Shop In Wallingford WA

Ok, you listened to your friends and got yourself a cool new one bedroom place at Smith & Burns. It’s everything you were told and more. You’ve already met a ton of new people on the  roof top deck and there’s always something new going on in the evenings. Your electric car is plugged into one of the charging stations and even your bike has a secure home. You’re super close to your new job, so close in fact you’re wondering just how much you are going to need that car anyways. You’ve pretty much decorated the place, twice, just the way you wanted… and you have only been here less than a week.

You pretty much have the lowdown of your awesome new Wallingford neighborhood. You’ve read all the blogs and you know just about anything you could imagine about this new place:

  • Where to eat.
  • Where to eat cheap.
  • What to do.
  • When to do it.
  • Where to shop.
  • Fairs, Festivals, and Fun

But the biggest question is still looming. It’s keeping you up at night. It haunts your every waking moment.


Everyone knows not to talk to you until you’ve had your java infusion. Well, fret not. This is Seattle, the coffee capital of the universe.  The following is where those in-the-know go for their morning brew. This is in no particular order.

1) Fuel

1705 N 45th St
Seattle, WA 98103

What they are saying…

“I love this place. I come here way too much, but I don’t care. Foamy cappuccinos, fantastic (and strong) iced coffee, good drip coffee, good selection of pastries/sandwiches, and friendly baristas offering quick service!”

2)  Irwin’s Bakery and Cafe

2123 N. 40th St.
Seattle, WA 98103

What they are saying…

“Such a great spot! The coffee is amazing, as are their pastries. I have a secret weakness for their breakfast sandwiches. My dentist is right down the street, so I always stop here after 🙂 lots of seating/couches – super laid back environment. Plus the people are SO nice and friendly. Makes me feel at home.”

3)  Chocolati Café

1716 North 45th Street
Seattle WA, 98103

What they are saying…

“The barista said to another customer “The ratio is important”, as I sipped my Chocolati hot cocoa and settled into my happy place. I watched him prepare 3 drinks with care. He was unconcerned with the amount of time it took. He only cared about making it taste as delicious as possible. That’s everything I want in a barista, chef, and whoever else is involved with food and drink preparation. You can just tell when someone enjoys what they do for a living. It’s like witnessing art in the making.”

4) A Muddy Cup

266 NE 45th St
Seattle, WA 98105

What they are saying…

My husband and I love this place.  Comfy, cozy, good independent coffee that supports a good fair trade cause.  Gluten-free baked goodies.  A back patio for summertime sipping.  Ambient music.  Games to play and vintage National Geographic magazines to peruse.  Easy to access near the U District.  A treat!

5) MiiR

3400 Stone Way N
Seattle, WA 98103

What they are saying…

They offer coffees, teas (I enjoyed my black tea latte!), beers, some pastries, and they also have some of their products (i.e., bottles, growlers, bicycles, clothing, etc) on display for sale. I really love that your drink purchases help build water projects, and you can track the impact of your product purchases. Would definitely come work/study here again, and try something else on their menu!

These five choices for your Go Juice are for those serious about their coffee and, best of all,  they’re all within an easy walk from your new Smith & Burns digs. Don’t even ask about Starbucks… please!

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