Wallingford is certainly an interesting corner of town to call home. The people, the shops, and the overall vibe all lend themselves to a specific kind of eccentricity that is tough to find elsewhere in Seattle. And that’s the best part of living in Wallingford, it’s different than just about anywhere else in town. Here are our five favorite wacky Wallyhood facts that highlight the unique nature of the area:

1 Wallingford is home to Seattle’s First Cat Cafe


That’s right! You’ve likely already experienced the surge in online content describing the concept of Cat Cafe’s as both cute and novel, and now Wallingford gets to partake in the fun. Located at 1225 N 45th Street, right around the corner from Smith and Burns, Seattle Meowtropolitan proudly markets itself as the first Seattle cat cafe. Cleverly capitalizing on the Taiwanese-born phenomenon, Meowtropolitan is offers 50-minute time slots in the cafe for a mere $10 a head. They currently have 18 cats, all of which are available for adoption, and they serve Herkimer coffee and treats from Fuji Bakery.

2. It’s got the funniest gas station signboard in America…literally!


If you’ve cruised down 45th and passed the Chevron Station, then you’ve likely caught a glimpse of the signboard that’s gaining national attention. Cassandra Spangler, the manager of the Wallingford Chevron, has been adorning the gas station’s sign with clever puns every week for over ten years! It’s an incredible feat, and one of those tiny, thoughtful details that make Wallingford the sort of neighborhood it is. The Wallingford sign, even has it’s own twitter page where images of the latest puns are posted weekly.

3. Here, you can find two of Seattle’s best skateparks and the only indoor skate park in the city

One of the more skateboard friendly neighborhoods, Wallingford has two, count ‘em TWO, skateparks that are well known throughout the city.  All Together Skatepark and the Woodland Skatepark are within just a couple miles of one another.


Woodland Skatepark, is located just south of Green Lake near the Woodland Park Zoo, and it’s perfect for younger skaters and bmx riders, with a track of dirt jumps real close by. Plus, Woodland Skatepark is totally free! You can walk right up and start skating.


All Together is Seattle’s only indoor Skatepark and it offers a myriad of services and deals. There’s even a skate summer camp for kids. By offering a dynamic, malleable space for skaters to congregate all year round, All Together strives to simply get more people into skating. There’s just about any skateboard obstacle that you could hope for, and they offer ladies only nights and discounted rates a few nights a week. Perfect for skaters of all levels.

4. A historic movie theater that’s almost 100 years old


The Guild Theater, well known throughout town for showing independent, off-beat, and otherwise difficult to access pictures was originally built in 1919! Think about that for one second. That means the theater is older than sound in films. That’s right, when it first opened in the then pioneer-town of Seattle, it showed silent films. Since 1985, the Theater has been under the tutelage of Landmark theaters, which have done a lot to modernize and maintain the Guild in that time. It now has two fully digital screens and beer and wine options, and it’s currently in submission for landmark status!

5. It’s the Birthplace of Dick’s Drive-In


Ok, let’s face it. At Smith and Burns, we can hardly go a week without mentioning Dick’s Drive-In, it’s juicy burgers, succulent shakes, and supremely salty fries. It’s just too good. That, and it’s, in many ways, the crown jewel of the Wallingford neighborhood. The first Dick’s Drive-in was opened on 45th way back in 1954! Since then the entire Wallingford neighborhood has been known as the defacto Dick’s HQ, even though there are half a dozen other locations throughout town. There’s little doubt among Wallingford residents that Dick’s is one of the biggest defining factors of the neighborhood.

Ready to call this wacky corner of town, home yet? Ok, in all seriousness, there are plenty of normal folks living in Wallingford. It’s an eccentric part of town, to be sure, but it’s not as though it’s entirely populated by Dr. Seuss characters. That being said, the unique and eclectic nature of Wallingford was, in many ways, established decades ago. And it’s still the main reason many find Wallingford so charming.

If you too are charmed by the area, and you’d like to set up shop in Wallingford, then Smith and Burns is the ideal spot for you. Thoughtfully designed both inside and out, the Apartments at Smith and Burns are sure to provide an engaging lifestyle, both at home and on the town.

If you’re interested in a home at Smith and Burns, please get in touch today!

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