Nine random, unexpected perks of living in the Wallingford Neighborhood of Seattle

So, you’re thinking of setting up shop in Wallingford, eh? Well, that’s good news for the both of us! Wallingford is a great place to call home! It’s unique and quirky, easy to get to, and chock full of amazing people. We always welcome new additions to the neighborhood! The more, the merrier!

If you’re looking for a new spot in Seattle, it’s likely that you’ve been weighing different neighborhoods, which means you’ve been looking at walk scores, neighborhood blogs, Yelp reviews, and the whole gamut of online resources. And resources like those are great! They  go a long way towards detailing what life is like in a particular neighborhood. But, what about all that idiosyncratic neighborhood stuff that you never hear about? Well, we’re changing up the game, baby! Here’s nine random and unexpected perks of living in Wallingford that you’d only find out about after living here for a good while.

1. Dave Matthews lives here. Yes, that Dave Matthews.


2. It’s a colorful neighborhood, with 20+ murals.

Wallingford's Iconic Mural Seattle WA

3. Thanks to Greenlake Chip and Putt, It’s the only Seattle neighborhood with a seasonal golf course.

Greenlake Chip and Putt

4. Wallingford is Home to Seattle’s FIRST neighborhood Greenway!


5. Two words: Archie. Mcphee’s. At Archie’s, Weirdos abound….


7. There’s 10 neighborhood pizzeria’s that deliver within in just a couple square miles

    1. Amante’s Pizza
    2. Milano Pizza & Pasta
    3. Olympia Pizza and Spaghetti House II
    4. Palermo Pizza and Pasta
    5. Pagliacci Pizza
    6. Pizza Ragazzi
    7. PudgeBros. Pizza
    8. Turnpike Pizza
    9. Zeek’s Pizza  
    10. Tuttabella

8 . Wild Turkeys! No, not the whiskey! ACTUAL. WILD. TURKEYS.

Wild Turkeys! No, not the whiskey! ACTUAL. WILD. TURKEYS.

9. A neighborhood Lost & Found that actually works!

A neighborhood Lost & Found that actually works seattle wa

There you have it! As you can see, Wallingford is a pretty tightly knit community where residents really go out of the way to make life better for everyone. Here, quirkiness and eccentricity abound, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you’re considering Wallingford as the site of your next abode, consider Smith & Burns. With modern luxuries, spacious floor plans, and convenient amenities, what else could you ask for? An awesome neighborhood? Hey, in Wallingford, you’ve got that!

Contact us today to set up a tour!

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