Smith & Burns is ideally located on the corner of 45th and Interlake Ave. North. No car? No problem! Entertainment, fine dining, outdoor, and daily routine amenities are on your block and around the corner. Jumpstart your day with a jog around energetic Green Lake. Partake in a community fitness class, rent a kayak, or read and relax on the water’s edge. Recharge with Cafe Vita coffee at Fuel and enjoy a breakfast pie by High 5! Hop on the Rapid Ride E line or bus #16 for a direct 20 minute commute downtown. After work enjoy a truly outstanding dinner at the nationally recognized Tilth Restaurant, or stop by QFC for ingredients to make your own creation. Catch a flick at the historic Guild 45th Theater or listen to some live local music at your new favorite neighborhood bar. At home and around town, Smith & Burns is comfort and convenience at its best!

Smith & Burns Apartments 4455 Interlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

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