At Smith & Burns we believe in a balanced, quality lifestyle. Enjoy an array of amenities to suit your social, intellectual, and fitness needs!

Studio Lounge

Unleash your creative side in our in-house studio art lounge. Have a hobby or want to start one? Our Studio Lounge is a place to create and hang out with others! Not only stocked with tools and materials, this artsy craft area includes work stations and even books on art crafts, woodworking, sewing and more.… LEARN MORE >

Community Art

If you appreciate art, you’ve come to the right place. Before we laid the first brick, our thoughts were to build homes that were not only eco-conscience, but used art from top to bottom to pay homage to this historic area. Maybe inside and out would be more accurate. Before taking your first step inside… LEARN MORE >

Rooftop Deck

Spectacular may not sufficiently describe the Crown Jewel of our social spaces. Sitting on top of our new eco-friendly 5-story apartment homes, your rooftop deck is a place to slow down and take time to relax and replenish your soul. From here you can relish all that the  Emerald City has to offer… the fresh… LEARN MORE >


Expand your mind and let your imagination go where it may. Now you can explore your favorite topic or make a new discovery right in your own community library. No need to go across town, or even across the street, your library is conveniently located on the first floor. You can snuggle up right there… LEARN MORE >

Fitness Center

At Smith & Burns health is important to us… health of the environment, health of your neighbors, and especially your health. From the air you breathe to your personal fitness, we care and are dedicated to your health. A state-of-the-art fitness center is one of the social spaces we know is important to you. Pop… LEARN MORE >