If you appreciate art, you’ve come to the right place. Before we laid the first brick, our thoughts were to build homes that were not only eco-conscience, but used art from top to bottom to pay homage to this historic area. Maybe inside and out would be more accurate. Before taking your first step inside this beautiful building you must stop and say hello to “Umbrella Girl”. Depicting the spirit of curiosity and innocence, renown West Coast artist, Bumblebee has created a 5-story masterpiece that is sure to become a Seattle icon, right here in Wallingford.

Step past artist, Scott Fife’s curious walrus, as he seems to emerge from the sidewalk to welcome you home. Enter the lobby and you are surrounded by works of art created especially for Smith & Burns. Local artists used reclaimed articles from the area to create works that embody the spirit of Seattle. A colorful pendant light, made of arcs of oak veneer, casts a red/orange glow that illuminates the used brick wall and the patinas of the wood paneling. These works of art, and more, were all made from materials retrieved from local sites and decorate all of your community social spaces.