Spectacular may not sufficiently describe the Crown Jewel of our social spaces. Sitting on top of our new eco-friendly 5-story apartment homes, your rooftop deck is a place to slow down and take time to relax and replenish your soul. From here you can relish all that the  Emerald City has to offer… the fresh air can be intoxicating, at night the sparkling lights of Seattle’s skyline is nothing short of mesmerizing and on a clear day the views are almost surrealistic. Once known only for airplanes and logs, we are now the unofficial home of coffee hipsters, technology, recycling bins, and music. On a weekend night you may even be serenaded by the sounds of one of our trendy street musicians.  Spend some time up on the roof, it’s well crafted to enhance social interactions and it’s yours.


We would like to take credit for these, but they just happen to be part of your new home. With the bustling Wallingford neighborhood below, the views are beyond magnificent. Stick around for the sun to set and take in the our nighttime skyline, dominated by the massive 76 story Columbia Tower and the iconic Space Needle.


Nothing concludes a perfect evening like gathering around a warm fire. Sitting fireside can be the perfect way to say goodnight to the perfect day. Grab a beverage and join others for inspirational conversation and enjoy the fellowship of your neighbors.


On those crystal clear cloudless days, celebrate the sunshine and invite your friends over for a barbecue at home. There’s lots of space to gather on our rooftop with plenty of seating to enjoy some finger-lickin’ barbecue.

Rooftop Garden

Maybe you’ll simply wander up to enjoy the setting and serenity of our rooftop garden.  It’s a beautiful space bringing natural life and balance to your residence.

Live in Smith & Burns’ incredible Wallingford apartments and enjoy the view and amenities of our welcoming rooftop deck. Click here to inquire about leasing your new home, today.